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your adaptation workflow and empower local stakeholders to easy adapt everything, from marketing materials to onboarding kits, job ads etc. ad-adapt enables you to do more, while ensuring consistency across markets and channels.

Everyone can ad-adapt

It’s so easy to use! You don’t need any special skill-set to build or adapt artwork. Your adapted material is easily exported and distributed to whatever media you want use: digital banners, roll-ups, printed material etc.

Cloud solution

As ad-adapt is a cloud solution, you can access it anywhere. Downloading plugins is unnecessary and you’re always sure that your material is up-to-date.
Cloud solution

Custom fonts

Your custom fonts can be easily uploaded as a TrueTypeFont (.TTF) or OpenTypeFont (.OTF). Other users can use the fonts that you have decided on.
Choosing font

You decide what can be localized

ad-adapt empowers you to decide which elements can be localized and which mandatory elements should be locked down. You can even decide how much the elements can be moved around in your artwork.

Element management

Easy upload of images, logos and other elements to the customer library – it’s up to you to decide which elements the individual user should be able to use and for what purpose.

Multiple language

Each user can choose their own language of preference, making is so much easier to work across borders.
Multiple language