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Smart adaptation

With ad-adapt you can optimize your workflow and secure brand consistency, while handing over the adaptation of marketing materials to local stakeholders
your designs
Define what
can be
Adapt and
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Secure brand consistency

With ad-adapt local users can easily adapt centrally developed marketing material to local needs and publish anywhere, while you stay in control of the brand.

See how it works

Ensuring brand consistency while adapting
to local needs has never been easier.

ad-adapt makes creating local adverts or other materials for multiple markets extremely simple and efficient. Markets can easily adapt what you decide can be adapted locally. This way you secure that your brand stays consistent while optimizing your adaptation workflow.

Publish everywhere

With ad-adapt you stay in control of your brand. You get peace of mind knowing that your branding and core messaging is exactly as you want it, but you can hand the execution to someone else. Once adapted, your material can be sent to print or published digitally - you decide.
Publlish Everywhere

Workflow optimization

ad-adapt is so simple – no special skills are required to use it
Easy global access through the cloud solution
Less time used on the approval process
Faster time to market
Brand consistency
Workflow optimization

Ensuring brand consistency

ad-adapt is a brand governance platform that ensures consistency across channels and markets. It enables easy and cost-efficient local in-house adaptation of centrally developed creative material.
Ensuring brand consistency